Friday, 2 March 2012

Postcard challenge catch up - Wales, Cuba and Switzerland

This is a long post so be warned!!
Here are my postcards that I have finally caught up With for Darcy's Postcard challenge, well I did this in the right week I just needed to write the story.
I used my Neo colours for the Daffodil and followed a drawing tutorial on you tube, I'm not very good at drawing but I am quite impressed with it, I also wrote out the Welsh National anthem for the background Although it isn't very neat! a bit of a scrawl really.

 And the Back, Hopefully you can read the writing so I won't re write it and bore you all
(although somehow it does have a lot of ink smudges on lol).

Here is my card for Cuba, I used one of my honeymoon snaps (we went to Crete and the hotel had a Cuban night, which was very impressive) to do a photo transfer I followed a tutorial from a blog I found on Pinterest you can find the tutorial here. I was very impressed with the results as it was my first attempt, I also added stitching and used my acrylic paints to add the effect of a beach in the background.

And the back of the card, again covered in ink smudges!!

Finally Switzerland!!!
I really struggled with this until I read that it was famous for making clocks, Well that was my mind made up as I got to use my Weathered clock die :0), I also used my whimsy pocket watch stamp and added crackle for the glass, I embossed the image with clear embossing powder and inked with TH Vintage photo, Then I thought I had finished only to find I brilliant clock charm so this had to be added too.

And the back.

Phew!! it feels good to have finally caught up, I have started my book to keep them in too. although it looks like it may take me forever to complete, especially as I start back at work next week after 4 months sick:0/.
It will be glad to get back to normal.
and other good news, I joined weight watchers last week as the pounds have crept on while I have been inactive, I have managed to loose 4.5lbs Yay!!! I was well impressed as I ate out 4 times last week too although I did eat stuff that I would never have chosen before I really enjoyed it and would definitely eat those things again.

Thank you so much again for your lovely comment's,

Until next time.