Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Birthday Card and Wedding Card

Firstly here is the Card I made for my gorgeous husband for his birthday.

This is what you see inside, I was very pleased how this turned out, He really liked it too. We had a wonderful day out in Manchester and had a lovely dinner in the living room on Deansgate, when I looked up we were sat next to Ryan Thomas (Jason Grimshaw) and Jack Sheppherd (David Platt ) from Coronation St having lunch too.

Here is a Wedding card I made for our friends who got married in Kent on Saturday 25.4.09 Congratulations to you both we had a great time.

And here is my favourite stamp that goes on just about everything.

For these cards I used up some of my scraps and added a heart charms which was from Running with Scissors.


Tracey said...

These cards are gorgeous Nicki, I love both of them, glad you had such a good time lunching with the rich and famous lol, if that had been me I would have spilled my dinner down me and totally embarrassed myself XXX

Helena said...

Beautiful, beautiful cards, well done! Love the way hubbies one opens up!

Such a pretty wedding card!


Helena said...

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susiesu said...

The two cards are beautiful Nicki. Will def use your Wedding card for some inspiration lol xxx