Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Couple of Cards

It is such a long time since I posted anything, I almost forgot how to do it. Although I am still struggling a bit with putting writing before the pictures. So I am afraid this is how it will be until I learn how to do it properly so please bare with me.

Here are a couple of cards I have made recently the first being an Evening Acceptance card for my friend at work who is getting married in May, I also decorated the back of this card, the papers I used were Laura Ashely and pink bazzil, with brown inked edges. The Second card was a birthday card for my Dad, I can't remember the papers I used as they were left overs I had.
I would also like to say a quick Thank You to Tracey for the wonderful Scrap booking classes I have been attending on a Saturday, I have been having a wonderful time and I am looking forward to this Saturday.I have lots of wonderful pages in my

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Helena said...

Beautiful cards!

Try loading up the photos first, then go to the top of the photo (make sure the photo is not highlighted) and hit return a few times, this should give you space to do your writing, continue this on all the photos you want to put writing before the photo. I usually keep mine centered (on the upload option) and upload the photos first and then fill in the writing.

I wish I could do the scrapbooking classes too, I usually see the layouts you are doing on a Friday when I pop down and they look amazing.