Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone! Have a great Christmas here is a few Christmas makes from me

A Christmas Wreath Inspired by Tracey and Anita, and thank you for helping me build it too.

A quick gift card that I made for a special teenager.

Rum Truffles for Hubby his mum makes them every year for him so I have tried to do this when he doesn't see her (although he will this year) I usually use a different recipe but I can't find it anywhere so just got this one off the internet (not as nice as usual).

Ok, so I hear you ask 'what is this' well last night hubby was at snooker so I thought I would join in the craft and chat group with the QVC ladies Kirsty, Amy and Marion.
OMG!! what a laugh it was, Kirsty managed her demo with distorted sound she made a great tree out of an old book, then it came to Marion who was there in sound and no picture just a blue screen! eventually sussing it out and demoing lovely flowers and then it was Amy's turn, well! we switched channels due to tech difficulties then she had sound and no pic then pic with no sound so she managed her demo in silent eventually, with everyone in the chat room making stories up as she went along.
everyone had such a fun time it is definitely one to remember!
apart from hubby coming home early and thinking I was bonkers, almost wetting myself looking at a blue screen it was fab thank you for the entertainment ladies.:)

Here is a pic of the blank screen while Amy was talking lol!

Last but not least here is the lovely bunch of flowers I received from work thank you to everyone.

Welcome to all of my new followers and once again Have a lovely Christmas and a happy new year.

I love reading all of your comments.

bye for now.


Jaki Morris said...

Wish I'd stayed to see silent Amy's demo!

Rainbow Lady said...

It was a wonderful silent movie... but I was laughing so much not silent over here xx

Jane said...

Wow! your wreath is gorgeous Nicki! looks very difficult to make - well done! hugs, Jane xxx

Anita said...

Your wreath looks gorgeous, love the colours. Well done on following our 'not too clear' instructions. Have a lovely Christmas. Lots of love and hugs. xxx